A tunable microwave slot antenna based on graphene

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Graphene based functional devices: A short review

This article demonstrated a fully printed CPW-fed antenna based on silver-nanoparticles for ISM that is flexible, wearable, and reversibly deformable. The proposed antenna consists of nano-silver ink, a conducting material used as a radiating patch and ground planes printed on the polyethylene terephthalate flexible substrate. A tunable microwave slot antenna based on graphene - CORE Abstract. The paper presents the experimental and modeling results of a microwave slot antenna in a coplanar configuration based on graphene. The antennas are fabricated on a 4 in. high-resistivity Si wafer, with a similar to 300 nm SiO2 layer grown through thermal oxidation. Microwave Study of Field-Effect Devices Based on Graphene A tunable microwave slot antenna based on graphene. Appl Phys Lett Applied Physics Letters 106 (2015). Google Scholar. 9. Antenna-Integrated 0.6 THz FET Direct Detectors Based on

L. Pierantoni, D. Mencarelli, F. Coccetti, “Graphene-based wireless communications systems: analysis of the EM-quantum transport of coupled nano-patch antennas”, Proc. of the 1th IEEE MTT-S Wireless Power Transfer Conference (WPTC-2013), Perugia, May 15-26, 2013.

Broadband tunable terahertz polarization converter based ... We design and numerically investigate a broadband tunable terahertz polarization converter based on graphene metamaterial. The converter presents a broad conversion band with high polarization conversion ratio (>0.95) in terahertz frequency over a bandwidth which is 25.8% of the central frequency. Nano-RF is a European project and the main concept is the ... Nano-RF is a European project and the main concept is the development of CNT & graphene based advanced ... optimization of the CNT-based tunable microwave (MW) band-pass filter. The layout is very compact and exploits: ... The X band slot antenna loaded with a 200x200 µm2 square graphene patch described in D4.4. was further

Radioengineering - April 2018, Volume 27, Number 1 [DOI: 10

Dr. George Deligeorgis earned his PhD in 2008 working on GaAs based Semiconductor laser diodes for telecommunication applications. Following his PhD, carbon-based devices (Graphene and CNTs) became his principal research interest. He stayed in LAAS-CNRS (Laboratory for analysis and architecture of Systems, National Center of Scientific Research), in France between 2010-2014 where he continued ... (PDF) A tunable microwave slot antenna based on graphene ... In [28], a tunable slot antenna based on CVD-grown graphene operating from 8 to 12 GHz has been proposed by Dragoman et al. As displayed in Figure 7a, the antenna is designed based on coplanar waveguide configuration and fabricated on the 4 inch high resistivity silicon wafer... Applications of Graphene at Microwave Frequencies Graphene nano-platelets produced by means of micro-wave irradiation, putting the graphite in a standard microwave oven.VASILACHE, D., DINESCU, A., KONSTANTINIDIS, G., MENCARELLI, D., PIERANTONI, L., MODREANU, M. A tunable microwave slot antenna based on graphene. Development of Graphene Based Tapered Slot Antennas

A slot array antenna which utilizes air gap waveguide as feeding structure has been proposed in[17]. Pyramidal shape pins are used for parallel plate stop-band which are more suitable for applications with frequency above 60GHz. Due to the wide bandwidth of this structure, MMICs can be integrated to the...

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