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Animal companions can have barding and horses in particular have access to magical horseshoes, but are there any rules stopping me from making custom magic items for other possible slots? For example: Magic collars for wolves & dogs could act like rings & amulets. Magic caparisons for horses could act like magic cloaks.

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His animal companion, the black panther Guenhwyvar (it’s pronounced like Guinevere), was an onyx figurine that could be transformed into an animal on command.There are a few magic items out there that are excellent that every adventurer should have, but just aren’t as fun as the 5 above.

Emerald Hack Players Handbook | Role Playing Games | Unrest Emerald World: Player’s HandbookChapter 1 Core Rules Emerald Hack Play test Version 001 THE CORE Mechanic ... 68256977 the Elements of Magic Revised Edition | Tsr (Company Revised Edition Table of Contents Introduction to Elements of Magic.. 3 So What’s Changed?.. 3 Differences from th...

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