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Add support for BBCode in message. Add OnTop property/command. Add hide popup on active chat in TS 3. Update to API 10.FREE Download.

Resolved How to report a website or server (license abuse A group called Illegal host removed got an NPL, then added a donation button to their site afterwards, how does one report them for doing this? People like this have made it a nightmare for legitimate communites, does TS3 check the sites … Resolved Change Server slots, when license was removed - Page 3 Hello, I have a old teamspeak server (not very old it's from this year) with a NON-Profit license with 512 slots but expired in Fri Jun 6 00:00:00 2014 But If I remove the license.key and serverkey.dat from installation folder the server …

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Free Teamspeak 3 Servers up to 50 slots! (Hosted in UK ... I'm giving out free 50 slot Teamspeak 3 servers because I believe that ... If you are not able to create a server for over 10 minutes, contact me. Cheap Teamspeak Hosting from $2.00! Teamspeak 3 Servers ... 10 SLOTS ... is an authorized Teamspeak 3 hosting provider and we ... FREE Switch between TeamSpeak, Mumble, and Ventrilo Hosting!

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The teamspeak is hosted on a dedicated Dell Poweredge Server (which is more than capable of handling it) of which i have complete control over. This means i can ensure the security of the server and keep it backed up incase something goes incredibly wrong. I have a teamspeak non-profit license which is what allows me to host it with 512 slots.

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