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Find great deals on eBay for 12 string tuners. Shop with confidence. ... 12 string tuners grover 12 ... 6+6 Tuning Key Pegs Open Tuner Zinc Alloy Machine Head for 12 ... Twelve String / Slothead Tuners ? - The Unofficial Martin ... Since the threads on the Vintage Forum are likely to last longer, has anyone found favorable replacements for the Martin slot-head 12 string tuners from the mid and late '60's? Has anyone ever found a source for replacement gears? Is there anything available that's a direct one-for one replacement without having to 'fill and re-drill'? 12 string tuning pegs | The Gear Page Most of my 12's have Grover mini Rotomatics. This include 2 Guild 12 string acoustics and a Gibson J185-12. My Epiphone Riveira 12 has Kluson-style 6/side like you would find on a Strat or Tele. They are individual tuners that butt up against each other and look like plate-mounts.

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Other than slot-head tuners and nylon strings, the most obvious departure from Taylor’s steel-string grand auditorium design is the wider neck, although Taylor fans should find the feel familiar and may barely notice the extra width. six string banjo - six string banjo online Wholesalers six string banjo & six string banjo online Wholesalers - choose six string banjo from 1374 list of China six string banjo Manufacturers. Taylor 12 Fret Redwood Build To Order - www.12fret.com

Since a while I'm reading about the request for open gear replacement tuners for slot head 12-string Martins. I can provide with such tuners and I'm willing to do also. German made and high quality. But I don't have originals on hand and I didn't take measurements of those we had.

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Machine Head Set For 12-string guitars, 6x Left and 6x right, On one rail, Small plastic buttons, Shaft made of steel with 2 holes, With 2 holes Dimensions: Rail length: 168.86 mm, Rail width: 17.34 mm, Shaft.

Repair Estimates — Third Coast Guitar Repair Locking Tremolo Guitars (Floyd Rose trems), 12-string guitars, Latin Instruments, 6-string Basses, Banjos, Jaguars ... Tuner install, with reaming & drilling 6 string .... Raising Nut Slot 1st/each additional ..... Headstock Reglue, no touch up. Why Won't My Guitar Stay in Tune? – Acoustic Guitar